Z-Nerd. It’s a play on my last name - “Ziehnert”.

I started my journey into the tech world by learning my ABCs on an old Atari - not even a 2600. Apparently I had a knack for technology - I evidently taught myself how to turn the computer on when my parents weren’t available to assist me.

Of course, computers were expensive equipment back when I was a young’un, so if I broke it I had to fix it. Between fixing broken things and software, to building my own computers, of course I was destined to work with them as an adult (tell 18 year old me that however, and I would have said, nope… it’ll be guitar).

I got started professionally at the Geek Squad and learned many valuable skills while I worked there. Of course that’s no place to make a long term career unless you love retail, so I moved into the corporate world as a desktop analyst. I quickly moved up the ranks to engineer and I was a desktop engineer for over seven years before starting as a Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems.

I started this blog while I was still an engineer, and I used it to describe the things that I had done to keep my environment up and running, and the things I do to make sure I don’t go crazy in the process. Posts going forward will be the same - but might not be from my own personal environment. They will however, be very real experiences and I hope they provide some benefit to you!

Feel free to drop me a line sometime via the mail link at the top of the page. If you’d like to request some formal consulting you can click the “Consulting” link at the top of the page too.

Happy Admining!

- The Z-Nerd